explorers of potential – discovering hidden treasures


„People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.“ Peter Senge

People want to be involved in the events of “their” company. If they can contribute their potential, they feel valued, are more motivated and show commitment to their company. As a result, you will be able to make optimal use of existing resources and increase your shared entrepreneurial spirit.

As »explorers of potential we make this potential visible and usable for you – a benefit for you and your team.

  • Are you looking for satisfied employees? Specialists who act as “driving forces” for others?
  • Would you like to better utilize diversity in your company and expand your innovative strength?
  • Do you want each and every employee to act on his or her own responsibility and think “outside the box”?

As »explorers of potential we invite you to experience this magical moment with us: Something special is happening that hasn’t happened before.

Together with us, you will enter new territory and dare to step out of the comfort zone. We believe in the potential within your company. The potential that lies in a lively team spirit and good leadership. Start your sustainable development with us; for the people – and for the company.

Our promise

  • As your »transformation partners« we go with you through thick and thin and accompany you on the path of change.
  • As  »consultants« we advise you with all our experience and expertise.
  • As »explorers of potential«, we strengthen the internal potential of your company and accompany you into new, unexplored territory.

Our fields of activity

  • support during change processes
  • executive and leadership development
  • management workshops
  • lectures on the subject of transformation


More about the Story of agateno:

„Most impressive was the intensive and precise planning of the whole process from the beginning. In workshops and large scale events we gained a lot of impulses to enhance our collaboration. The deep process allowed us to reflect our attitudes in our daily business context. Thank you, and again any time.“

Senior Manager
value stream management, international automotive supplier, Automotive Supplier

„Uns hat es viel Spaß gemacht und die Teilnehmer haben definitiv viele Anregungen mitgenommen und diese auch gleich am nächsten Tag erfolgreich umgesetzt!! Vielen Dank noch einmal für den sehr guten Input!“

Peter Radegast
Geschäftsführer der Bundesakademie des DBB GmbH (Deutscher Basketball Bund), Basketballverband