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We started with the conception and implementation of classic training measures for large companies, with focus on teamwork, intercultural collaboration as well as coaching. But we no longer just wanted to create and implement individual measures. We have now found our passion in organizational development. For more than ten years we have been shaping change processes with our clients – major national and international companies – and bringing them to success. We are proud partners of Synnecta, an international management consultancy with over 50 consultants and 20 years of experience in transformational projects.

Exchange is an essential aspect when shaping change: within a change coalition, but also within the entire company. We are convinced that in times of globalization and digitalization, respectful exchange at eye level is the most effective lever for unleashing potential. The leaders in an organization hold both the privilege and the obligation to live up to this challenge. With a new leadership that shapes the exchange in the company cross-functionally, cross-hierarchically and cross-regionally, a new working style emerges that promotes sustainable development and a spirit of innovation.

Do you want employees who work in an autonomous and agile way and thus unfold their full potential? Then you need leadership that provides orientation and creates connections. This is where agateno wants to go with you.

More about the ‘heads’ of agateno Eike Reinhardt and Daniel Goetz:

Our partners

We are proud partners of Synnecta, an international management consultancy with over 50 consultants and 20 years of experience inSynnecta transformational projects.

Tom Andreas shares with us a deep interest in indigenous cultures and the anthropological perspective on organizations. As an experienced trainer and coach he is distinguished by an unrivalled linguistic precision and a great love for people.