transformation partners – partners on eye level


Digitalization, globalization and VUCA are fundamentally changing the demands placed on a company – and thus on its management. Experience shows that in the face of disruptive changes, many companies find themselves in a state of shock. They can neither react to the changed requirements nor promote innovation. With us as your »transformation partners at your side, you will succeed in breaking free from this situation and regain your ability to act.

  • Would you like to give your company a clear orientation?
  • Do you want to lead your company through uncertain times?
  • Do you want a corporate culture based on respect, trust and clarity?

Transformation requires movement. Transformation describes the transition from something old to something new. True transformation entails a change in corporate culture that opens new opportunities in times of digitalization, globalization and VUCA. Transformational leadership shapes the future of the company.

Change has been a partner to us in many ways of life. Therefore we can competently accompany you and your company on your way into the future.

Our promise

  • As your »transformation partners« we go with you through thick and thin and accompany you on the path of change.
  • As  »consultants« we advise you with all our experience and expertise.
  • As »explorers of potential«, we strengthen the internal potential of your company and accompany you into new, unexplored territory.

Our fields of activity

  • support during change processes
  • executive and leadership development
  • management workshops
  • lectures on the subject of transformation

More about the Story of agateno: 

„Herr Reinhardt und Herr Goetz leben ihre Themen Prozessbegleitung und Kommunikationskultur mit Herz und Seele. Die Arbeit mit agateno zeichnet sich durch eine intensive Vor- und auch Nachbereitung aus. Das Ergebnis sind auf die Kundenbedürfnisse maßgeschneiderte Maßnahmen mit einer hohen Wirksamkeit.“

Tina Rust und Melanie Schlich
Leitung Personalentwicklung, Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe AG, KVB

„agateno ist ein verlässlicher Partner, mit dem es Spaß macht, neue Ideen und Produkte zu entwickeln. In kurzer Zeit entstanden mehrere Erklär- und Lern-Videos, dank des straffen Projektmanagements und dank der vielen kreativen und guten Ideen von agateno. Immer wieder gerne!“

Sabine Koch
Abteilungsdirektorin, Koordinierungszentrum Eignungsdiagnostik, Personalmanagement der Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe/Management-Akademie, Sparkasse: Akademie